About Urgyen Samten Ling

Urgyen Samten Ling provides many aspects of Buddhist practice. These include: ceremonies (pujas), group meditation, retreats and instruction in individual practice.

Ultimately, there is no truth other than direct experience. We seek to invoke and directly realize the enlightened qualities inherent in all sentient beings.

It is through study, contemplation, and meditation that we discover and embody the ever-present compassion, joy, and innate wisdom of the awakened mind.

When the body is at ease, the breath slows down and becomes peaceful. When the breath is at ease, the mind becomes peaceful and spacious. This is where you begin, look within and rest. The key is knowing how to rest.


The Sangha, the community of Dharma practitioners, is one of the three jewels of Buddhadharma.

Our Sangha is comprised of lay, monastic and Ngakpa practitioners. Ngakpa means householder Vajrayana practitioner. Ngakpas traditionally take more vows and commitments than lay practitioners. In Nyingma, Kagyu, and Sakya schools there have been many highly realized masters who were and are Ngakpa.

It is our goal to develop a center that will accommodate the needs of all. Whether it is lay practitioners, monastics, Ngakpas, or the community at large, Urgyen Samten Ling is here to serve the needs of all sentient beings without prejudice or hesitation.

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